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PowderCoil™ technology is an advanced, highly automated, yet simple method of high speed powder coating a continuously moving strip of steel. It utilizes the latest in application and curing technology to produce one of the best coil to coil pre-painted steels available

Patented Powder Paint Technologies
PowderJet™: This patented powder application technology was specifically developed to replace continuous coil, spray gun technology. The PowderJet™ has no moving parts, pneumatically applying powder paint directly to the moving metallic strip. The system precisely controls the volume and width of the powder emission to match the speed and size of the metallic strip. The metallic strip is coated on one or both sides while the film thickness is precisely controlled to customer specifications. The PowderJet™ utilizes focused line-source electrostatic charging technology which results in particulate ionization many times greater than gun systems. The applicator produces a 90% deposition factor that enables the PowderCoil™ system to meet cost and quality parameters comparable to any liquid coil coating operation.

Oven Curing Technology: Our ovens are the most technologically advanced powder coat curing systems available today. The technology produces a focused, high energy density field, that penetrates the coating and reacts with the powder chemistry resulting in lighting fast melt-flow & curing cycles. As radiation passes through the coating, it reflects off the surface of the metallic substrate and thoroughly cures the powder paint system. This principal allows for high speed processing of difficult colors like yellow and white. Each system is designed to precisely calibrate functionality in coordination with line speed, strip width, powder chemistry and film thickness. Our technology enables the PowderCoil™ system to operate at high speeds while producing a fully cured, durable, and long lasting paint system.

Performance Powder Coatings: Powder Coating’s manufacture the brand of high performance, fast curing, powder paint systems, specifically designed for the PowderCoil™ technology. Powders are engineered to react with radiation resulting in extremely fast and thorough cross-linking of thermoset powder chemistries. Each formulation is blended to exacting customer specifications for color, texture, visual characteristics and performance requirements. Powders are available in a broad range of epoxy, polyester, hybrid and urethane formulations.