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PowderCoil™ is unique, compared to contemporary “gun” application technology. Gun technology pneumatically conveys powder through tubing into the gun which sprays the part. The powder flow is dispersed and uncontained such that the ratio of applied powder to unused powder can be as low as 60/40.

PowderCoil™, on the other hand, utilizes a nozzle arrangement to apply powder to the strip. The special powder nozzle directs the powder flow to the strip and controls the volume and velocity of the powder. The width of the nozzle is adjusted to the width of steel strip.

The transmission of charged powder particles occurs in a focused single direction, through a precision sized horizontal opening. A fluidized bed environment is created within the ejector providing for uniform particulate distribution. Powder is pneumatically driven through the electrostatic zone and exits the ejector developing a wedge shaped spray pattern.

The width of the powder stream is easily controlled by varying the width of the opening. The spray pattern and volume of powder is consistent resulting in no coating overlap.

The volume and velocity of the powder is governed through the pneumatic pressure controls. Given pre-designed film thickness the application rate is increased or decreased in correlation with line speed. The PLC controls the entire process, removing operator variance and inconsistent film builds.