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There are two basic powder paint chemistries; thermosets and thermoplastics. The First Precision LLC/PowderCoil™ technology is capable of applying both thermoset and thermoplastic coatings.

Thermoset Coatings
Thermosets are characterized by temperature or radiation driven chemical reactions which fuse the paint system thus curing and stabilizing the coating. Thermosets are composed of high molecular weight solid resins and crosslinkers. Finished thermoset coatings do not soften when reheated. Once cured (fused) the coating forms a polymer network which is highly resistant to coating breakdown. Thermosets can be high or low gloss, flexible or hardened.

Thermosets are used for decorative applications (color, gloss, and appearance) and functional (mar resistance, weatherability, corrosion). Most systems call for a dry film thickness (DFT) of between 0.8 mils – 4 mils. PowderCoil™ is capable of producing a light or heavy DFT product in (1) pass through the line. Most liquid paint lines would require two or three passes to duplicate PowderCoil™ DFT.

Thermoplastic Coatings

Thermoplastic systems, such as nylon, melt and flow when heated, yet unlike thermosets, soften when reheated. Thermoplastic powders do not chemically react during application or baking. They are commonly used as functional coatings and typically are applied thicker than thermosets. Common uses of these coatings are electrical insulation components, high corrosion environments, high wear applications and appliance parts (freezer baskets, dishwasher racks, etc).